2/22 - C*%tabration Part 1

Published on: 22nd February, 2022

Today on 2/22/22 we give you 2 episodes for the price of one! We cover part 1 of Gary Ridgway and the Waco disaster, and Trophy Dad Steve Irwin and Star Mom Marcia Faye Chapman.

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True crime podcast about crimes and the family me…
A true crime comedy podcast about crimes and the family members that commit them as told by Amanda and Jessi. Come listen as we talk about our lives, true crime stories, then stories of someone winning at life, all while using humor to cope with the craziness.

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Cee U Next Tuesday is the brainchild of Amanda and Jessi, friends for over a decade who love true crime. The ultimate Cee U Next Tuesday's of the world are the people who harm family members whether it's their children, siblings, or parents. Each week we will dive into one of the crimes these cees have committed and to balance out the horror we will leave you with the story of someone who we think is winning at life.